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Young Dragons Pack PBR
Texture Customization | Mesh Morphing | Composed Music
Source Files: Substance Painter | Substance Designer

The Young Dragons Pack PBR comes with three heads, three back features, and two tail options. It's fully animated for ground and flight. The looks are intended to be young versions of our Dragons Pack PBR.

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Source Files
Substance Painter | Substance Designer

Substance Painter project files have been included for at least one model. Not all of the models are easily editable in Painter, if they weren't produced using it. However, in many cases Painter makes it easy to complete re-texture a model in ways that aren't possible within in the Unity Editor.

The "Procedural Materials", .sbsar files, are produced using Substance Designer. The .sbs files are now included so if you'd like, you can edit or manage them, or simply see how they work on the inside.

Please note: Source files do not give you the right to share or sell new animations or textures to other users. If you are a highly skilled artist and interested in sharing or selling your work as add-on packages, please email me and in most cases we can make it happen.

Texture Customization

Texture Customization means that almost every aspect of the textures can be modified to create completely unique, new looks that you may not have thought possible. Each texture is broken up into multiple sections, allowing for nuanced, specific changes to the look at feel. Using sliders in the Inspector, you can adjust the Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Lightness, Reflection & more of each section, including adding flat, overlay color and even removing the Normal Map & Ambient Occlusion information.

Advanced options include the ability to completly replace the real-world "material" with a new one. For instance, metal can be changed to wood, or leather.

The included "Texture Customization" demo scene, with the "Copy This To That" and "Mass Exporter" inspector scripts make it easy to customize and -- with a single click -- export your textures into game-ready materials.

Realistic Animations

While many of our creatures are decidely fantasy, we want them to feel like they belong in the real world. That means our Animations are going to be realistic, with real-world physics and the real weight of the character taken into account. During attacks & magic spells, the entire body will be warming up, moving, and recovering. We animate the details of wardrobe so things that should move, do move. Whenever possible, our characters are set up as "Humanoid" to allow for re-targetting of animations between packages. Root Motion is always included when applicable.

  • Attack01
  • Attack02
  • BarrelDodgeL
  • BarrelDodgeR
  • BreatheFire
  • Death
  • FireHead01
  • FireHead02
  • Fly
  • FlyAttack
  • FlyBackward
  • FlyBreatheFire
  • FlyDeath01
  • FlyDeath02
  • FlyDeath03
  • FlyDive
  • FlyFast
  • FlyGlide
  • FlyGotHit
  • FlyIdle
  • Go To Sleep
  • GotHit01
  • GotHit02
  • Idle
  • IdleBreak
  • IdleLanding
  • IdleTakeoff
  • Sleeping (Loop)
  • Stunned
  • Stunned Flying
  • Tail Whip L
  • Tail Whip R
  • Wake Up
  • Walk
  • Walk Backward

  • Mesh Morphing

    Mesh Morphing is the ability to modify the physical mesh of the model in the editor or during gameplay. Our method uses Blend Shapes, a powerful tool usually used for animation. The artists expose specific "Shapes" using a naming convention, which the "SFB_BlendShapes" script recognizes. The result is a group of named sliders, each of which controls one Shape, sometimes in two directions, such as making a character fatter or skinnier.

    Adjustments can be saved as Prefabs, or coded during gameplay. This way, players would be able to customize the look of their characters, or spawned enemies can be created with randomized values, resulting in a nearly infinite number of unique looking bad guys.

    Composed Music

    Our Composer has created custom music for this package, focusing on matching the mood of the pack. Some tracks could be more heroic and themeatic, while others are more ambient. In all cases, the composition is divided into multiple layers. Each layer can be placed into a Unity Audio Mixer, and customized to fit your game and your sensibilities.

    Mixers can be pre-saved, or you can script snapshots to be faded in or out depending on what's going on in your game. Perhaps, for instance, a low-pass filter is applied when the game is paused, or the percussion grows louder when a Boss is being fought. You can adjust each layer individually to craft the perfect sound for your game. A Master track -- consider it the "Composers Cut" is also included if you do not wish to mix the track yourself.

    YouTube Videos

    This is the first demo of the demo! I'll be updating it as I add new features like sound effects.

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