Infinity PBR - Procedural Physically Based Rendered Assets for Unity available @ the Unity Asset Store Infinity PBR - Procedural Physically Based Rendered Assets for Unity available @ the Unity Asset Store
GitHub Projects
These GitHub projects are open to anyone interesetd in helping out. I'm not the best coder, and hiring people to do specialized code is often a long process without any guarantee of positive results (and so far, negative results are more prevelent!). Also if I have to pay someone then I'm going to have to charge for the end result. Open source is better.

If you're intereseted, please join the collaboration. Just remember to not upload any models or textures to GitHub, since it's publicly available to anyone and everyone :)


Humanoid Creature Riding

This project is intended to allow any humanoid to ride any creature. While it should work with the Infinity PBR characters (such as Humanoid & Dragon), ideally it will work with any humanoid and any creature.
Audio Clip Array Combiner

With the "Medieval Battle Sounds Library", there's a *LOT* of options for combined clips. The way we set it up is great for desktop, but for mobile use, it's likely overkill. Simply too many clips. I have a script that will combine clips into a single .wav file. It works great, and will be included in all packs for free. (Many of the character audio files are similarly set up, although with fewer total combination possibilities). This repository is for an update that takes an array of clips instead of a single clip for each layer. The goal is that a user can choose any number of layers to combine, and each layer can have any number of audio clips. Clicking "Export", will create combined .wav files for every possible combination. (3 layers with 5 clips each would result in 125 exported .wav files!). Developers can then choose the ones they like the most for use in mobile versions of their game. They will lose variety (although they can still randomly choose which clip to play if they use multiple), but they will perhaps save in disk space and RAM use. The project needs help, and I'm hoping that others can help me (1) solve the initial problem of figuring out an array of all combinations and (2) improve it even more in ways I haven't thought of.