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PBR Tools - Convert Legacy Textures to PBR & More!
Texture Customization

PBR Tools is a collection of tools including the flagship PBR Converter which makes it easy to convert legacy materials to Unity5 ready PBR materials, and Texture Converter -- a powerful tool to change out the textures in both PBR and Non-PBR Materials. Also features Runtime options for adjusting colors and blending color overlays onto your textures. Runtime options can be scripted for changes during gameplay.

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Texture Customization

Texture Customization means that almost every aspect of the textures can be modified to create completely unique, new looks that you may not have thought possible. Each texture is broken up into multiple sections, allowing for nuanced, specific changes to the look at feel. Using sliders in the Inspector, you can adjust the Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Lightness, Reflection & more of each section, including adding flat, overlay color and even removing the Normal Map & Ambient Occlusion information.

Advanced options include the ability to completly replace the real-world "material" with a new one. For instance, metal can be changed to wood, or leather.

The included "Texture Customization" demo scene, with the "Copy This To That" and "Mass Exporter" inspector scripts make it easy to customize and -- with a single click -- export your textures into game-ready materials.

Texture Changer

Selectively modify or completely change out up to 16 parts of a texture with brand new materials! Works with PBR and Non-PBR legacy materials. This is an insanely powerful tool for increasing the use of your already-owned models.

Combine Metallic Roughness​

If you happen to have a metallic map and a roughness map, and want to use it in the Standard Shader, you can't! This is because Unity (smartly so), expects the roughness values to be in the alpha channel of the metallic map. This tool has an input for the two maps and will export a properly inverted (Unity also expects the roughness map to be inverted -- we'll do that for you!) "Metallic Roughness" map which can be used in the Standard Shader.

Combine Albedo Opacity

Similar to the Metallic/Roughness, Unity expects the opacity map to the in the alpha channel of the albedo (aka diffuse aka base color) map. This tool will help combine two input maps into one "Albedo Opacity" map that you can use in the Standard Shader. (Just select "fade" or "transparent" at the top of the Shader options). With this, you could even add holes in floors for many of the models you already own!

Convert Normal to Height & AO

Use this tool to produce a Height map and an AO map based on your normal map. There are adjustable parameters to help you get the look you'd like, although the defualt is pretty good for most applications.

RUNTIME: Color Blender​

This is a runtime optimized feature. It allows you to blend a color with your material via code. There are four blend types to choose from (Copy, Multiply, Overlay & Additive). Via code you can change the blend type, the blend amount & the blend color. Perhaps the closer your player gets to this object, the brighter the blend color? There are many ways to use this.

RUNTIME: Color Modifier​

This is a runtime optimized feature. Similar to the Color Blender, this allows you to change the Hue, Saturation, Lightness & Contrast of your albedo texture at run time. With it you could fade between saturated and desaturated, change the hue, or do many other things, all via code while the game is running.

YouTube Videos

This speed video shows how we are able to use the PBR Converter to convert a very old Unity model with legacy Diffuse-only textures into a Unity5 ready PBR material. While the ship didn't come with Normal maps, just having the metallic & roughness maps allow the ship to react to the lighting as Unity5 intended!
This in-depth tutorial walks us through doing this for the Ethan character from Unity's "Stealth" demo. We have to create some Color ID maps in order to separate the different parts of the texture into different material types, but aside from that it's a mostly automated workflow, and the results look great!
Texture Changer Demo
Runtime Color Blender Demo
Runtime Color Modifier Demo

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