First Person RPG | Saving & Loading 4
** It's likely best to start a new project with this package as enough as changed. **

The two big improvements here are the "Entrance" objects, which are basically the triggers to move from one scene to another, and saving a screenshot of the game view whenever a user saves their game. Both are fun and important :)

The entrace script allows for "required objects", so a player maybe needs to have a special object in their inventory in order to use the entrance. It also will (once I code it) allow you to prompt user for entry, such as "Do you really want to go into the dungeon?", or not. Finally, it allows you to force the start position in the next scene (or not, if you don't want to).

When the user saves, a screenshot is taken, and then on the game preview panel from the main menu it's displayed. This will help users with lots of saved games remember which one they wanted to play.

** The package here is the same as the previous episode! **

Because the scripts are getting long, I'll no longer print them out here. Instead, download the package and check out the scripts inside Unity!

Download Unity Package

Video Tutorial

Please download the package and view the scripts in Assets/SFBayStudios/SFB Game Templates/1st Person RPG/Scripts