First Person RPG | Saving & Loading 3
** It's likely best to start a new project with this package as enough as changed. **

The nut of this update is the Character Creation test scene. In it, you can modify the data in a netsted class variable that holds a ton of info about the game, then save that one class & reload the information back into the class. I think this way of doing it is spot on, and will help tremendously going forward.

There are also some other clean-up improvements, reducing the number of variables, creating more static variables when appropriate, and making links to UI.Text elements be of that type rathe than GameObject.

Because the scripts are getting long, I'll no longer print them out here. Instead, download the package and check out the scripts inside Unity!

Download Unity Package

Video Tutorial

Please download the package and view the scripts in Assets/SFBayStudios/SFB Game Templates/1st Person RPG/Scripts