First Person RPG | Saving & Loading 2
** It's likely best to start a new project with this package as enough as changed. **

I've expanded the saving & loading (As well as cleaned up the code a bit), to include a main menu screen that allows a player to start a new game (temporarily bypassing any character creation screen), as well as load a previous game from a list of saved games.

The player can save the game once they're playing, and of course will start there, with the proper time and data, when they load the game again. Becuase the project is getting more complicated now, often there will be things that I know I'll be removing later.

For instance, I'd like to have a character creation scene eventually, but I'm not yet ready to code that. So when you start a new game, it skips that entirely. Also, I know that I'll be needing to save a *LOT* more data -- stats, skills, items, status of traps and triggers in levels, not to mention all the enemies & their positions, stats, modifiers. Oh, and then any particles that just happen to be in the air at the time the player saved -- they'll need to be re-populated in the loaded game at the same spot in their animation cycle! Otherwise the player may be able to quickly save a game before a fireball hits them, and find it missing once the game is loaded again. No sense in making it easy to cheat :D Because the scripts are getting long, I'll no longer print them out here. Instead, download the package and check out the scripts inside Unity!

Download Unity Package

Video Tutorial

Please download the package and view the scripts in Assets/SFBayStudios/SFB Game Templates/1st Person RPG/Scripts