First Person RPG | Items & Inventory #1
** It's likely best to start a new project with this package as enough as changed. **

We set the stage for storing a list of all the items available in the game, as well as storing an inventory of items for each player. While there's more to flesh out, this is a good start, and it includes logic to give players items at the start of a new game based on the skills they have chosen, such as a "Short Sword" if they choose a sword skill.

A "Short Sword" prefab has been added, made up of primitives, since we want to be able to see the equipped weaopns on the characters, as well as use a physical model for each item for pickups & the inventory screen.

Because the scripts are getting long, I'll no longer print them out here. Instead, download the package and check out the scripts inside Unity!

Download Unity Package

Video Tutorial

Please download the package and view the scripts in Assets/SFBayStudios/SFB Game Templates/1st Person RPG/Scripts