Procedural PBR Animated Models
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Procedural Features‚Äč
  • Two barrel designs.
  • Barrels look good resized bigger or smaller.
  • Each design has a default pre-rendered PBR texture set.
  • 8 additional wood options & 8 additional metal options.
  • Realistic Wood aging features varnish peeling & more.
  • Metal options include Edge Wear/Damage, Rust & more.
  • Custom Inputs for both Wood & Metal materials allow for unlimited looks.
  • Exports maps for use with both Standard Shader & Standard Shader (Specular)
  • Works with Unity 4. * Requires Unity 5.0.2 or greater to modify & export maps. Once exported, import the model & maps to Unity 4 for use.

    We include 4 LODs in this package (LOD0 = Full Resolution). Prefabs for each individual LOD as well as a prefab LOD Group.
    * The Full resolution is under 500 tris, so perfect for mobile already. Due to the geometry, the LODs are deformed and only really will work well from far away. Play with it, and if it works for your game, go for the lower LODs. The lowest is just 98 tris.

    Scripting & More‚Äč
    Allows for scripting during run time for procedural changes during your game.
    Instruction PDF

    YouTube Videos

    Quick "Speed" video showing a lot of the various base material types and procedural actions you can take to customize the barrel to fit your game.

    Guide video showing how to customize the material in Unity 5 and export the complete Texture maps for use with the Standard Shader and Legacy Shaders.
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